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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Daughter of two teachers, granddaughter of a gun-slinging artist, oldest of four daughters, and a published author of five books, I discovered my first deck of Tarot Cards at the age of nineteen, I read full-time on a tree-tunneled lane in Gothic Iowa.  Inspiration has been on every turn of my life.

My Story

Daughter of two teachers, I was a kid suffering from Additional Dimension Disorder, and I say "disorder" because "reading" energy made normalcy almost impossible. I spoke like an Einstein, and could name classical music concertos, but I was scholastically challenged. My "other dimension," like a fan that never turned off, ran in the background. 


 I read strangers, animals, and houses and to my sisters disgust, always had to sleep with the lights on. At age 19, I discovered Tarot Cards in a French gift shop on a college campus, memorized their 78 meanings in two weeks, and began amazing strangers with my accuracy. 


Now some may say that using cards is not being a genuine psychic. I say, "Is a Carpenter less talented if he builds you a house without tools?" [ No, he is not.} Tarot connects my intuition with my subconscious and natural empathic gift to bring clear images and build a phenomenal and meaningful reading.



In 2001 I left a 22-year job at a Packing House where I worked as a single mom to stay  off welfare.  On weekends I performed with my guitar and sang with several bands,  On Thursdays, I dressed in antique velvet and gave readings in a gift boutique.  I have always been creative.   People seem drawn to my Intuitive abilities, Let me add here, I do not tell people I have a gift and believe that I emit a frequency, like a whale in the ocean, as all Intuitive empathic do.   We all do, and this is why special friends are drawn to each other., 


 Every person has a story, and a reading is a wonderful way to allow your energy to be read, your story told, and hear in detail facts no one would know but you.  Please know that when you lock the door to avoid someone from getting inside, you can also do this to prevent someone from reading you. This is why it is important when having a professional psychic session you come with an open mind.  You always have free will.



Ann Marie's Studio

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