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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

 A Calming Tarot River of Peaceful Clarity.


Accurate and Cozy Insight: A Kitchen Table Psychic Reading with over 27 years of Certified Tarot Channeling experience. My name is Ann Marie, and I carry the American free-spirit gene as an Iowan, Mom, full-time Psychic Reader, Author, Gardener, Animal Guardian, and wife. 

Over thirty years ago, I discovered my first deck of tarot cards in a French gift shop in the university town of Iowa City, Iowa. As an A.D.D. kid, {which I call Additional Dimension Disorder}, I constantly observed and tuned into the thoughts of kids around me. Hence, discovering Tarot at nineteen helped me understand I had a gift! Astounding cynics, not only for my accuracy but the cozy kitchen table warmth I gave to my readings, I took away the scary image of being a Psychic Advisor. I am more of an Aunt Bee type.

The picture above is my Grandmother Margaretta, a country school teacher known for her smarts and funny wit. Like many nice girls, she was mesmerized by and married my rebellious, artistic Grandfather, Franklin Grew, who was traveling across America painting signs and American scenery. It was love at first sight when Grandpa Franklin met Grandma Margaretta in 1919. My memory of Grandpa is he smelled like Lava soap,  wore khaki work coveralls, and I would stand mesmerized, like Grandma once did, in a room filled with jars of paint brushes, oil paints, walls of guns, and the smell of turpentine paint remover. He liked backstep conversations, one of which I remember, how the grasshoppers ate all his hair, and it never grew back. Granma excelled in making after-nap strawberry sodas.

Writing Is In My Blood. Psychic Reading is My Calling. Like my Grandfather, whose life was center-staged between his painting shed and domesticated lifestyle, I work from my Angel Studio, giving readings in person and online. Like Grandmother Margaetta, I have made the mistake of being attracted to bad boys. I am a wife, mother of one son, and protector of animals, wild and domesticated.

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