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Private Reading Contact Information

All Readings are prepaid. After payment, please call 712-273-5147 to set your Reading Appointment. I will also confirm your payment and schedule your reading through email.

Ann Marie’s Phone Number: 712-273-5147 {Call this number for your Scheduled Phone Reading}. Once your reading is scheduled, Ann Marie will call you if you are living within the United States.

As a Spiritual Empath and Intuitive life coach for over 30 years, as well as an adviser for two national phone lines, Ann Marie has thousands of client reviews on her accuracy as well as many devoted private clients.  Ann Marie’s mission is to guide you through what the Bible calls “the 40 days and nights of the wilderness” on:
• Relationship
• Career
• Office Dispute
• Creative Ventures
• Crossing Over Messages
• Pets
• Spiritual Path Work

Expect honesty and come with an open mind, a journal to write down information, and a list of questions. If you are using Skype you can record your reading.

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15 Minute Intervals
Item Price: $30.00@1.99 a minute

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Half an Hour
Item Price: $60.00

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One Hour
Item Price: $120.00 @1.99 a minute

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Email Readings
Item Price: 4 Questions for $50.00

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Email Palm Scan Reading
Item Price: $60.00

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Email Photography Channeling
Item Price: $60.00

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