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Empathic Psychic Tarot, Peaceful Guidance

Modern Empathic Tarot as smooth as a river - psychic accuracy and peaceful clarity on love, life, spirit, and dreams by phone, Zoom, or studio.  Ann Marie offers 40 years of advisory experience.


Readings On Your Life Path

Clarity, Peace, and a Plan


Modern Empathic Tarot is smooth as a river, with accuracy and clarity on love, life, spirit, and dreams by phone, Zoom, or studio. I offer 40 years of advisory experience.  

Tarot Reading is not the scary negative it used to be and can be very therapeutic. Problems and choices can be brought out in the cards clearly and quickly in a 15-minute reading, and a 30-minute reading will; amaze with even more detail. I have been a Psychic Advisor since 2021, working for two National lines and from my Garden Studio. "Maries Safe Haven.." and encourage my clients to record their reading so they can listen or watch their session again in the quiet of their home. 

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My Reading Expereince

  • At age 19 I discovered Tarot and began reading at University Art Fairs

  • 2001 I became a full-time Psychic Phone Advisor for two leading national Phone Reading lines.

  • In 2001 I opened my studio, "Maries Safe Haven," in Northwest Iowa for personal one to one reading sessions.

  • 2005 I became a Certified Psychic with the American Psychic Association, {no longer open but much copied by others } and have followed the code of Ethical Intuitive Reading since. 

  • 2011 I became certified in Trans-Personal Hypnotherapy to better convey my intuitive messages in a peaceful and clear way.

  •  2011 I certified as a Universal Church Minister and Spiritual Advisor

  •   20`12 was "attuned" to Reiki and began my understanding of the Chakras, which I use to cleanse my energy every night and heal my animals.

Writing by the Water

My journey

Additional Dimension, Art and Coffee Houses


From Childhood Additional Dimension to discovering my gift at nineteen as my spiritual calling to becoming a Mom, I have been creative all my life. From playing guitar and singing in bands to writing five books to flying in a 5-foot cement angel on a boom truck as my Psychic Studio mascot, life has been a unique reading journey beginning in coffee houses in the 70s. 

  I Am a Prairie Crone Wise Woman
At 50, my wild hormonal mood swings ended, my intuition expanded, and I found inner peace. As a Psychic Advisor for forty years, and proud crone of wisdom, I deliver a quick, accurate, and peaceful reading that gives my clients insight, strategy, and clarity. And that's a good thing!


307 Tennis Court Rd. Early, Iowa


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My Newest Novel

Bone China Mausoleum

A small town Psychic finds her life enmeshed with an artistic serial Killer during a pandemic. Their mutual interest in Bone China, an Angelic Biker, and a suicidal student, take the reader on a twisting paranormal path to "The Meadow." (Suspense Thriller without gore)

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