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Tarot River

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Iowa Psychic Tarot & Medium Services, Psychic Palm Reading, Online Psychic Medium, Certified Psychic Advisor since 2001,  Spiritual Advisor

  Empathic Psychic Life Coach, Peaceful Guidance 
Ann O'Dell - Tarot River

Psychic Medium Serving   IA

 I am Ann O'Dell, an Online Master Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, and Angel Messenger. As a National Advisor for over 27 years, I abide by and am certified in the Ethical Code of Psychic Reading. Since 2001 I have been a five-star Tarot Reader and Psychic Life Coach for Best Psychic Directory and Keen. Just give me your first name. No private information is needed.

 I live in an Iowa town so tiny that we get mail from little gold post office boxes. My studio, once the Teachers Cottage for the school in 1921, is surrounded by tulips in the spring, waist-high Hostas, summer flowers, wind chimes, and a 5-foot tall, 300 lb cement angel. An 11-foot-tall bike stands at the end of my lane. My goal is accurate and Cozy Insight: a Kitchen Table Psychic Reading with over 27 years of certified Tarot Reading experience. Too far away? My Service Page offers Phone, Zoom, and Email Readings.

Record Your Psychic Reading On Your Phone 

Visit my Angel Garden Studio Marie's Safe Haven, alone or in groups of up to five. Record your Psychic Reading Session and share it with a friend, or listen when you are alone and more relaxed.  Go back to your Psychic Tarot or Palm Reading months later and see how much we spoke about happened, came to pass, and was true. 

My Services
  •  Psychic Tarot and Medium Services by Phone, & Zoom

  • Psychic Palm Readings

  • Psychic Pet Readings

  • Angel Messages, Love Readings, Career and Life Path Readings

  • Psychic Dream Interpretation and Past Life Readings;

  • Reiki Chakra Balancing. 

  •   See My Keen Review

How Does it Work?

​I ask for only your first name. Your voice carries energy, information, and your life story. I connect the moment I hear your voice.  Through my well-worn Tarot Cards, our reading begins. When you relax, it will flow like a Tarot River.  We work with what you have and know to be true for you.  I offer Organic Psychic Counseling in what I call an "Aunty Em" down-to-earth kitchen table reading.  You always have free will.

Take Notes! Record your Reading to Review Later.

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