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Tarot River- Ann O'Dell

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Empathic Psychic Tarot, Peaceful Guidance since 2001!

Master Tarot * Psychic Medium * Reiki * Hypnotherapy * Intuitive Worker

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As a certified National Tarot Reader for 37+ yrs, I infuse my guidance with Reiki and light Hypnotherapy.  I take pride in quick connection, accurate insight, and truthful kindness. Just give your first name..

It is my goal, as a Midwest Reiki and Tarot Practitioner, to offer you balance, clarity, and emotional well-being when the tornadoes of life smack you down. 

Readings On Your Life Path

Clarity, Peace, and Guidance

 Tarot * Palmistry * Reiki * Hypnotherapy

I am an Intuitive Worker - Give me a problem, and I will intuitively balance you.


Modern Empathic Tarot combines three spiritual healing modalities for balance, clarity, and guidance in one session.

What Is A "Call To The Angels" Reading?

 Studio Readings

  A soothing Reiki Session will relieve stress from a bad day and help set goals,

  •  Light Hypnosis before your session allows you to relax to be more receptive to your desired goal. 

  •  An Ange;l Reading is a direct message from your Highest Self to you, Always in the highest positive good you will know the truth when you hear it. Since you always have free will, take from your session what you need, and leave behind what you don't.

  • It is always recommended that you record your reading on your phone to listen to later so that you can relisten in the privacy of your car or home.

  • You always have free will. I do not give medical advice nor am I a replacement for mental therapy.



Readings by Phone, Zoom, Email, Studio Shop
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 Tarot & Palm Reading in Early, Iowa

Purchase a Reading with Ann

Too far away?  No problem! Choose a Phone Reading.

If interested in a Master Tarot - Zoom or Phone Reading, please purchase through my website before contacting me.

  • A fifteen-minute reading is $30.00. 

  • A thirty-minute reading is $60.00. 

  • Also available are 4 question Email Readings. 

  • If you want a studio in-person reading with {or without} a fifteen-minute Reiki balancing "Call To The Angels" Session, please call my shop phone.  712-273-5147   


My Spiritual Reading Journey

At age 19, I discovered Tarot and began reading at University Art Fairs.

@  In 2001 I became a full-time Psychic Phone Advisor for two leading national Advise lines and have a very high accuracy rate with thousands of five-star reviews

@ . My Keen Reviews                 

@  My Best Psychic Directory Reviews

@  I opened my studio, "Maries Safe Haven," in Northwest Iowa for personal one-to-one reading sessions

@ I was certified in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy in 2011 and Reiki Two in 2023. 

@ Currently, I am studying for my Reiki Master's Certificate.

@ All my readings are infused with the highest positive energy.    I never tell you what to do, only what I see.

NOTE:  Please know it is against the law for me to give Medical Advice, Financial Advice, or to be a replacement for Mental Therapy. 


Writing by the Water

Additional Dimension, Art and Coffee 


From Childhood A.D.D. {Additional Dimension} to discovering my spiritual gift at nineteen, my creativity has taken me on the path as a musician, author, and intuitive life coach..  In 2001 a 5-foot cement angel arrived suspended from a boom truck as my Angel Garden Studio "Maries Safe Haven,"  became my unique journey in which I combine the modalities of Psychic Reading, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and a good cup of Coffee. 

  I Am a Prairie Crone Wise Woman



307 Tennis Court Rd. Early, Iowa


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Soliloquy: Beyond Town Limits by Dene HellmanAnn O'Dell

From sisters dancing in an art festival in search of the perfect garden bench to Frienemies speckled with pigeon shit, "Soliloquy: Beyond Town Limits" progresses through the hidden realms of child molesting, and animal hoarding. We coast the Midwest backroads through every momʼs nightmare of a lost child, and the drama of "fifty shades of ordinary." A verbal nightcap awaits the reader at the end of the book with two lesbians and a cat, and a psychic in a red neck town. Family dynamics, the many dimensions of friendship, the traumas of the young, and the resignation of old age – all find voices in this anthology

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