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Psychic, Author, OMtimes Radio Host

Ann Marie O'Dell is an empathic spiritual psychic Channel, published author, and Omtimes radio host with 30 years of reading experience. She taps into hypnotherapy to calm her clients as she reads on their energy and spiritual life path with Tarot. Her Iowa Studio, Maries Safe Haven, is where she gives readings nationally by phone, Zoom, Omtimes Radio, and scheduled studio visits.

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Readings On Your Life Path

Clarity, Peace, and a Plan

As a Master Tarot Channel 30+ Yrs., I see a spiritual Landscape of your life, past, present, and future 12 months through the cards. I need only your first name and will tell you what I see with direct honesty and compassion. You always have free will.  

My goal is to give peaceful clarity on your life path. I do not ask for astrology signs but only for your first name. We read together on fears, hopes, and dreams you may have. You will know I am speaking the truth as you never give me personal information to begin your reading. I do not tell you what to do, only what I see. Time frames are approximate.

I do not do spells or read on curses. All Readings are given in the Angel Frequency. 

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Writing by the Water

Ann O'Dell

My Journey

Daughter of two teachers, surrounded by gardens and animals, my gift began as a little girl. At age nineteen, I discovered Tarot in a French gift shop and began reading at Art Fairs and Coffee Houses.

As a single Mom, I worked in a packing house to survive, until I tearfully waved goodby to my son as he flew off to Japan with the Navy. Change is a blessing. I quit the packing hose and became a full-time Psychic Advisor in 2001 for two leading National lines, and opened my studio, "Maries Safe Haven."

I Am a Prairie Crone Wise Woman

At the age of 50, no longer ruled by wild mood swings, my intuition expanded, and I found inner peace. As a Psychic Advisor for two decades, I "see" with such clarity I amaze even myself.  And that's a good thing!


My Newest Novel

Bone China Mausoleum

A little girl has a traumatic playground accident that triggers psychic vision and finds herself entangled with a serial killer, an Anglic biker, and suicidal student. If you love surprise endings, haunted trains, angels, and soul mate love, this book is for you!  See my book trailer video!

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307 Tennis Court Rd. Early, Iowa


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