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My Services

My studio, "Maries Safe Haven," established in 2001, is on a tree canopied lane of Shade flowers, Whale Hosta, stone angels and an 11-foot-tall bicycle. I have written two books on the process of creating Spiritual Gardens.

Tarot Card Deck

Spiritual Tarot Readings

Certified 2011

At nineteen, I discovered Tarot in a French gift shop and describe them as Crayola's that color in rich detail to my natural intuition. At all times, I read in the Angel Dimension and give hope, honesty, and compassion. This does not mean I sugar-coat what I see, which leads wonderful peopled to hang on to bad situations. I am always kind and use soft wordage to explain what I see.

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Palm Reading

A Studio Group Favorite

Palm Reading is based on tried and tested rules over 2000 years old on the shape of the hand, fingers, wrist, lines, mounds and has little to do with Psychic Reading. The amazing thing is how accurate a Palm Reading is and will blow away a group studio event with laughter and fun. Don't forget to record your reading on your smartphone!


Crossing Over Message

Mediumship - Call to the Angels

A Cossing-Over reading will give peace and healing.  I use Tarot to focus on as you say the name of your loved one.  When a warm glow fills me, I tell you the messages coming through. How do you know if it's real? You know the truth when you hear it. NOTE: I do not relocate misplaced inheritance property.

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Ann O'Dell Books

Psychic Author

Ann Marie O'Dell is a Published Author who with the assist of Tarot channels the voices and actions of her characters as she writes.  Whether writing on spiritual gardening, short stories, or paranormal novels Ann has a passion for writing.

Books by Tarot Author, Ann O'Dell