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Spiritual Tarot Readings

Certified 2011

When your mind and emotions go 100 miles an hour, and the overwhelming fog of fear, or denial takes over, as a Seasoned Modern Tarot Reader, I can help you see what's going on.  I also read for people on their dreams, or love life, or who just want confirmation a hunch they have been having is right. 


 As you say your first name, I lay out the cards, and our reading begins. Your energy, life story, mental blocks, and the best course of action come through. You always have free will; I tell you what I see with kindness. I do not read lotto numbers, give medical advice or predict death. At all times, I read in the Angel Frequency.

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Palm Reading

A Studio Group Favorite

Palm Reading is based on rules over 2000 years old on the shape of the hand, fingers, wrist, lines, and mounds and has little to do with Psychic Reading. Amazingly, a Palm Reading will blow away a group studio event with accuracy, laughter, and fun. Don't forget to record your reading on your smartphone!

Crossing Over Message

Mediumship - Call to the Angels

A Cossing-Over reading will give peace and healing when you miss someone and just want to see if they are OK.  I use Tarot to focus on as you say the name of your loved one.  I tell you the messages coming through as a warm glow fills me. How do you know if the message is real? You know the truth when you hear it. Sometimes your loved one can be serious, funny, or pure love.  I never know what to expect. NOTE: I do not relocate misplaced inheritance property.

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Phone Reading

I offer accurate and compassionate phone readings with over 40 years of reading experience.  

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