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My Studio Shop - Renewed Spirit, Profound Peace 

.Friends, Mothers & Daughters, Share a Lasting Memory with a Recorded Psychic Reading. Look back a year later and be amazed at how much I saw would happen and has. I assist you in making choices, spotting roadblocks, setting goals, and answering the nagging questions that keep you awake at night!  You always have free will.


Built in 1921, Maries Safe Haven,  my Psychic Studio, was once the historical Teachers' Cottage in Early Iowa. On a tree-tunneled lane of peaceful shade and angel gardens, you will park your car, relax, and feel at home. A lovely five-foot cement Angel stands as a landmark. You have arrived for your spiritual reading.

As you step out of your car, you may hear the sound of wind chimes and the leaves overhead. Maries Safe Haven is a place of nurturing, kindness, and wisdom. My Angel symbolizes hope and guidance in this sanctuary of safe spirituality.

Opening the studio's door, I will greet you with warmth and a welcoming smile, 

Ready for your Reading?  You will be asked to record your session on your cell phone to take home with you and listen to again. Just say your first name.


Listen with introspection and self-discovery to what comes through.on your life path as I channel my cards. My gentle voice and empathetic nature will put you at ease, creating a safe environment.  You may decide to have a Palm Reading or a Hypnotherapy-Reiki session to aid in setting a goal.  Friends, mothers and daughters, and brothers share a lasting memory with a recording of their psychic session.

By the end of your session, you will emerge from my Angel studio with a renewed spirit and sense of peace. You can carry the tranquility and wisdom you found within this sacred space back into your everyday life.

I believe you will drive away, grateful for the oasis of calm you have discovered. Seasoned tarot, palmistry, or a Reiki Chakra balancing await you for your next session at Marie's Safe Haven. 

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